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These pages contain programs in HTML and javascript to consolidate skills in Science - Chemistry(up to GCSE), Physics(GCSE, A-level & medical), Biology(up to GCSE) electronics (up to A-level) and maths and now languages - well Italian. They include testing vocabulary by spelling and / or listening as well as calculations and writing and balancing chemical equations. They use 'Drag and Drop' (DnD) techniques, show/hide sections, and DOM. Any ideas/suggestions, please email me. The list of areas covered is in above menu (mouseover to expand the lists).
These are mainly drill exercises. They do not profess to teach the principles - these are taught in the classroom and on websites such as mathisfun.
Programs were initially written for MSIE6. They were updated for MSIE7. They may work with IE11 / Chrome / Firefox but best to check. To check compatibility with some other old browsers: click here.
I have added some drag and drop and other Italian exercises.
The site is for learners/students and teachers alike.

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I am now hosting the website with carbootsRus
This website lists details of car boots by area and has over 3000 carboot locations in the data base.

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Additions & Updates - 2020
November: added a menu to pont to some of the Italian vocab programs I've written
January 2017: Thanks to Neil Wallis for the analog clock and HelpWithMaths for the digital version I was able to write a program to display random times at the press of a button and, on the press of another button, tell you the time in spoken and written Italian. As there are different ways of saying the same time (7:50, ten to eight, almost eight, ten minutes to eight, ten to eight in the morning, 7.50am...I've opted to allow yourself time to think of the time, say it to yourself/out loud, then check how you did.
December 20: Found javascript function by George Claghorn on stackoverflow.com to enter accented characters into the textbox at the cursor by clicking on a link on the page. Much easier for us poor inglesi. Updating a few programs with this.
December 17: Updated the Directions program to allow user choice of level of difficulty.
December 16: Added a text to speech button <input onclick="var msg = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance();msg.text = 'word to speak';msg.lang = 'it-IT';window.speechSynthesis.speak(msg);" type="button" value="Play" /> using SpeechSynthesisUtterance() which worked fine with my Chrome and Firefox but not IE. However, it spoke in US English on my wife's computer! I found it only works on the very lates Chrome and not in IE at all. I found another possible free speech to text at responsivevoice.org and using their Voice API I was able to get snippets to play with a reasonable Italian voice in IE as well as Firefox and Chrome.
December 15: Tried the Directions program with a person with 10 lessons and a couple of visits to Italy under their belt. She found the simple items ok but froze at the longer items, which came up randomly. So, I decided to modify the program to allow some user choice.
December 13: Alex's new coding makes it very easy to alter the labels. So, did a quick face parts in English and tried it out on a one-to-one basis with 4 - 10 year olds.
December 12: Alex, my son, recoded my drag and drop programs to work on iPads. They need to be at least 728 x 1024 in size.
December 12 / 2016: minor(!) corrections to vocab to Food and singular/plural programs.
December 2016: Nothing beats going to Italian classes (maybe going to Italy!) but there is so much to learn. Knowledge of vocab is, I am finding, very useful. So, I am adding lots of lists of words to test translation knowledge. I like lists! You can testyourself on the iPad at colazione. Gradually making some of them them printable. Included are: conjugation of the present tense of different types of verbs, The correct use of the definite article to agree with the word it precedes. Lists of nouns in different themes. Numbers. Etc. These lists help me learn and help me revisit my programming skills - sadly very rusty. If they help you, please email me and let me know. Also any other ideas would be useful.
December 2016: I'm starting to lean Italian so have added some drag and drop exercises for learners of Italian - at a basic level!
Also I've added some exercises on the present tense as well as numbers and some vocabulary
February 2016: starting checking compatibility with IE10 & 11, MS Edge, Firefox and Chrome. I'm finding the chemical equations (drag and drop) are good in IE and Firefox, don't work at all in Chrome and satisfactory in Edge. So, IE and Firefox are recommended. Also started amending dropdown labels for number of moles so 'blank' = 1 mole to be consisten with handwriting equations.
January 2014: Improving coding and layout of Maths/fractions programs to give feedback on screen rather than by popup alerts.
Adverts: I don't run ads on any of the testyourself pages (except this home page). Please feel free to donate say the cost of a pint of beer (about £3.25 in the Midlands) using the PayPal link opposite to help the site keep going.

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