This program asks for three items, one after the other.
It then asks for all 3 together.
It repeats with a different random triplet of words.
The repetition should help the vocabulary stick!
If you are not happy with your answer: click "I got it wrong"
This adds the word extra to the database, making it more likely to appear again.
Clicking "Next": assumes you are happy and if that word had been added extra previously, it will be removed..

dica in italiano: "  ":

show list of words in table format

opens in new tab - print off webpage as normal / use print button at bottom of new page / copy and paste to e.g. Word

You can add your own item.
It will go into the list and be selected at random just like any other item.
You can add as many as you want, one at a time.
Unfortunately, they will be lost when you close/refresh the program

Issues: please email me